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5 Content Marketing Ideas You NEED This April!

29 Mar 2019

Next week it’s April and no, that’s not a joke!  We’ve made it to Q2 of 2019 and it’s time to get cracking with the next 30 days of social media content.

It may seem like only yesterday that we were talking about March’s content inspo but now we’re well into the Spring social content so it’s time to consider what to schedule in April…

1. April Fools Day (Monday 1st April)

The month starts off with a bang with ‘April Fools Day’ – a great opportunity to make engaging content that’ll have your followers laughing all the way to the ‘follow’ button.  Ensure that whatever jokes you’re publishing on 1st April are light hearted and in line with your brand.  This is a day to get creative and distribute your very best tongue-in-cheek content.  Try to be culturally relevant – maybe the faux effects of Brexit on your business?

2. World Health Day (Sunday 7th April)

Health is a universal subject and so your business is sure to have something to say on the matter.  Whether it’s the steps you take to support your team’s health, or how your product or service improves the health of your customers – get your soapbox out on 7th April.  It could be fitness, nutrition, beauty or mindful, whatever your definition of ‘health’, this is the day to shout about it.

3. Easter (Sunday 21st April)
Probably the most obvious April event is Easter.  It’s the reason the kids are off school, the shops are stocked with choccy and eggs are rolling down nearby hills.  Regardless of whether or not your brand recognises the religious relevance of Easter, it’s a hugely commercialised holiday so pick and choose whatever aspect relates the best to your brand.  How about providing ideas on how to entertain your children during the holidays in a blog post?  Or maybe, if you’re in the food industry, you could share tips on how to boil an egg?  If you’re in tourism you could co-ordinate an egg hunt to showcase your local hotspots.  You could even create a special discount offer for your products over the Easter weekend.  The opportunities are endless!


4. Earth Day (Monday 22nd April)

Keeping your brand eco-friendly is quite topical at the moment, and so it could be a great moment to announce your brand’s plan on how to become more economical.  Saving energy, reducing plastic, recycling, lowering CO2 emissions – these are all fantastic examples of how your brand could help save the planet.  Or you could celebrate the fantastic way that our beautiful Earth serves your business.

5. Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness month.  Meditation and wellness is the subject du jour at the moment so this is a great opportunity to share content regarding how your brand manages stress, whether that’s through calm and efficient customer service, an easy booking process or one-step purchasing.  You could also highlight your brand’s best stress relieving tips or how employees’ stress can be supported.  Why not create a brand related hashtag for followers to share their stresses?  A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say!

Honourable mentions:

National Pet Day (Thursday 11th April)
Showcase your mascot or the team’s pets for some engaging content.

National Day of Silence (Friday 12th April)
Ironically you don’t have to stay quiet about this day!

National Haiku Day (Wednesday 17th April)
Engaging captions.
For your social media.
Creative content.

National Superhero Day (Sunday 28th April)
Celebrate the everyday heroes in your team or a client who’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought. Over the month of April, keep these dates in mind for creating relevant content that can provide engagement within your online community.