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Launching Xana Creative

2 Aug 2018

Well, this is exciting.  After almost a year of sitting quietly waiting for the right moment (and realising said moment does not exist), I am finally ready to announce the launch of Xana Creative – a social media management and content creation business.

Creating ideas, forming plans and developing them all is absolutely at the heart of what I love to do everyday.  During my time at University, I decided that a career in Television Development was what would suit me best.  I couldn’t think of a better job than working within a team of people whose sole purpose was to come up with TV programmes.  Six months after graduating, I moved to Austria to work as a Junior Producer at Red Bull TV.  I loved working there, the job exposed me to high quality production at every stage of the process.  Throughout my time in Austria, I became even more invested in social media – and the content my favourite brands from back home were creating.  This was where content was at.

Upon returning back to Aberdeenshire, I landed a role at a local well-loved restaurant doing Marketing & PR – this was where Xana Creative began to develop.  My main focus was social media: driving customer engagement and producing interesting content.  All I did was turn up with my DSLR camera, snap a few nicely framed photos and record some pretty basic video clips – or so I thought.  The feedback that the restaurant began getting about their social media activity was fantastic and we started getting comments from guests about the quality improving as well as the frequency.  Our Facebook following increasing by 50% – 10,000 to 15,000 in three months.  Now, what I had started to think was just me messing about with a camera was actually so much more – it was beginning to transform into tangible business for the restaurant.

I realised that, through my own snobbery, I had written off the value of my own work.  Throughout University we had been trained on ‘industry standard’ equipment and the levels we worked to were broadcast television level, as had the content at Red Bull.  But there was nothing stopping me applying these values to the content coming out of small local businesses in the heart of rural Scotland with my little DSLR camera and a good plan.

Through my work at the restaurant, I started to get approached about how I could help other small businesses, and so Xana Creative was founded.

My goal at Xana Creative is to help businesses who cannot afford a full-time Marketing or Media professional by offering a freelance service to them.  Social media can be a daunting space for most people, let alone a business operated by only a handful of individuals.  I want local businesses to feel like they can focus on what they do best AND have great creative content.  Xana Creative will work closely with brands to establish how much assistance they need online, whether it’s just taking on some of the scheduling responsibilities or creating full video or photo content and ensuring that their branding is consistent and visible throughout.

I’m extremely excited at where this new venture could lead, and if you’d like to come along for the ride, please get in touch to see how Xana Creative can help you!