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Christmas actually is all around us!

2 Dec 2021

In hospitality, promoting Christmas begins WAY before December – that’s why we started work on the festive offering for our client, Maryculter House, back in July.

In 2020, all Christmas parties were cancelled and the whole season was a much quieter affair than usual due to the government restrictions.  But this year felt different, and as everyone hoped for a bigger and better Christmas, we figured Aberdonians would be looking to book their Christmas party ASAP.

We knew that we had to do something BIG to grab everyone’s attention (while using our social media tools to the best of our ability) – and that’s exactly what we did.

So, Santa hats and Christmas music on for inspiration, we started brainstorming…

We knew we wanted to create an Instagram reel to promote Christmas at Maryculter because of the potential reach that reels bring.  Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok and are great because the algorithm allows your content to reach users who may be interested in your content even if they don’t follow you.

We had already been discussing the idea of recreating famous scenes from Christmas movies for a campaign, but weren’t sure what campaign it would work best with… until now, especially since the layout of Maryculter House lends itself perfectly to a parody of Hugh Grant dancing through No.10 – four-poster bed, large open staircase, and of course, a ballroom.  It then became obvious that we had to recreate that hilarious scene from the fabulously British Christmas movie “Love Actually”!

To create the video, we teamed up with the guys at Right Here Productions who host the hotel’s Murder Mystery nights.  Their lovely cast member Dan volunteered to become our Hugh Grant and perfectly replicated his ‘dad-dancing’.

In addition to being entertaining, we wanted the video to showcase all the historic features around the hotel, so we started off in one of the bedroom suites where our ‘Hugh’ would arrive from straight from a busy day at work and then get ready for a festive evening of food, fun and dancing.  We had Dan dance his way throughout the hotel while slowly getting Christmassier (yes, we made a new word!) along the way.

As soon as the video was released on Maryculter’s Instagram, it received a huge amount of engagement which resulted in instant enquiries for Christmas and quickly became our most engaging post for this year – proving that entertaining content does sell.

If you’re already singing and dancing, then “jump in” and watch the full video here: