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Give your brand a personality by giving it a voice

12 Nov 2020

Although podcasts are not a new concept, they have rocketed in popularity over the past decade as the format is easy to consume in our ever-increasingly busy lives.  In the current global pandemic, many companies, brands and individuals are looking to connect with their audiences on a personal level and podcasting allows them to do this.

Not everyone has the time to read an article or watch a video, but podcasts are delivered in a way that’s much easier for listeners to consume, and most people listen to podcasts whilst commuting, on a walk, working out or just chilling out at home.

The human race has always loved listening to stories and podcasts allow us to absorb powerful messages which can stimulate our imagination whilst teaching us a whole range of new information.

So how do you get started without an audience, a studio or the right equipment?

Once you create a podcast, people that like your content will become your audience!  You don’t need a studio, just a quiet room with soft furnishings will do.  And you don’t need any fancy gadgets – most people have a smartphone that records pretty good sound as a starting point.

Podcasting allows you to create amazing content without having to go through countless revisions of a document prior to publication, and the best part is that a podcast has a more casual tone, so it should come across to your audience as if they were overhearing a conversation in the pub!

At Xana Creative, we can help with planning, recording, editing and publishing your podcasts, so send an email to if you would like our assistance.