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House Tour Prep Guide

8 Feb 2021

So you’ve decided to put your house on the market and have realised that a video tour of your home is going to really showcase this as a fabulous place to live.  Well done!  While photos of your property will give potential buyers a sneak peak at each room, a video will really bring your house to life, but can also expose things you have become blind to in everyday life.

It may seem obvious but the first thing you should do before getting a video done is tidy your house!  Even after tidying, it’s a great idea to go round each room and take a video with your phone as a trial run.  When you look back at the footage, you’ll be amazed at things that jump out at you that you won’t want in the final video.

As a guide to help you get the best out of your house tour video, here are a few things to consider.

Declutter every room as much as possible.  For the purposes of a video shoot, clutter than can’t be rehomed can either just be hidden or moved to another room whilst the filming is underway.

In the kitchen, make sure all surfaces are clear, clean and polished, including cupboard doors and handles, sink, taps, hob and all other appliances that are on display.  Consider hiding your kettle and toaster in a cupboard to make the room look more spacious.  Definitely hide any bins, fridge magnets, pet bowls, beds and toys.  Whilst you may adore your pet, potential buyers might be put off by your cat’s scratching post in the corner of the room!

In bathrooms, clear way as much clutter as possible.  No one wants to see your stash of hair products or kids’ spongy letters spelling out rude words on the side of the bath…  Obviously, all bath and shower fittings should be spotless, the toilet seat MUST BE DOWN and all towels on display should be clean and neatly folded.

In living areas, make sure the furniture is positioned to enhance each room, with cushions plumped using the “karate chop” method.  Set your dining table for a dinner party and really dress it up with wine glasses, napkins, etc.

Bedding should be smooth and make sure the open end of pillowcases aren’t glaringly obvious.  Look closely at mirrors to see what is being revealed in the reflection.

It is always important to showcase how much natural light comes into your home, however think about what is outside your window.  If your neighbour’s garden isn’t looking its best, consider tilting your blinds or think about how this can be disguised in the video.

Switch on all lights in the house – ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, cooker hood lights, everything with a bulb, and make sure all bulbs are working.

If you have a real fire, it can be a nice feature to have contrasting footage with the fire off during the day, then a clip shot in the evening with the fire on.

Stage some house plants and vases of fresh flowers to make the home look inviting.

Clean your windows and make sure all window coverings are sitting neatly.

For the outside area, remove cars from your driveway if possible and tidy your garden.  Cut your grass, remove weeds and make sure the plants are looking at their best.  If you have a seating area, add a bottle of wine and glasses, or set the table for afternoon tea.  Tidy away children’s outdoor toys, dog toys, and obviously make sure there is no dog poo lying around!

So in summary, think clean, shiny and clutter-free – and remember, you’re selling a lifestyle, not just a house.