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If there’s one thing that elevates your videos, it’s subtitles

18 Sep 2020

What might seem like lots of extra work is actually going to get you higher reach and potentially more engagement.  While transcribing your videos may not seem like the most efficient way to spend your time, it will increase your video’s accessibility for viewers.  Why?  Because not everyone can hear the audio track.  By adding subtitles to your videos, your content becomes available to those who might be deaf or hard of hearing.  If you don’t have subtitles on your videos, these people are unable to consume your content, which is a waste of a good video and that’s a huge audience you’re missing out on!

But it’s not just people with hearing difficulties that appreciate subtitles.  Over 80% of social media video content is watched with the sound turned off and people are more likely to watch your video to completion if they are reading subtitles.  Social media platforms also automatically set videos to play while muted, and so it allows your followers to instantly see what the video is about without them having to turn the sound on.  It’s all about making content consumption easy for your viewer and by doing this, you’re more likely to have better engagement.

More people engaging with your posts means more traffic might be heading to your website, which in turn will convert to higher SEO ranking.  And whilst search engines can’t index video or audio content, they can crawl text from subtitles and transcriptions, meaning your subtitled videos are more searchable on the internet.

Last, and by no means least, having the words displayed makes it easier for non-native English speakers to understand your message. Especially here in Scotland, we can be guilty of having strong local dialects and accents which aren’t the easiest for a foreign ear to translate, so subtitles break down that accent barrier and help clarify your message to an even wider audience.

But yes, we also know that this might be elongating your content creation process.  Is the wider reach of more benefit than the time constraints of adding subtitles?  (The answer is yes – we’re biased but it’s true!) If timing is an issue, we can help.  We offer transcription and subtitling services for when you want videos that are optimised to perform well on social media without giving you the added less stress.  Sound good? Ping us an email on for more info.

So, in conclusion, adding subtitles increases accessibility, helps comprehension of your message, encourages better engagement and improves your search engine optimisation.  The question is, can you afford NOT to add subtitles to your videos?