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March Content Ideas

27 Feb 2019

Can you believe it’s almost March?

The month of love is over and it’s time to get planning for another four weeks of content.  Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a drag trying to think up new ideas for what to post, so I’ve compiled a short list of important dates for the upcoming month that might give you some creative inspo!

1. Pancake Day (5th March)
With so many dietary needs in modern society, pancakes aren’t as simple as they used to be.  What kind of pancakes are your brand’s favourite?  Maybe ask your followers!  Are they vegan, gluten free, low carb or made with mashed banana?  And what about toppings?  Fruit, honey, ice cream…
There’s loads of options when it comes to foodie content, but if that doesn’t fall in line with your brand, you could focus on the history of pancake day.  Traditionally, the day before Lent was all about enjoying some last minute indulgence before giving it all up for 40 days.  Perhaps your brand could offer some indulging deals or write a blog about what your brand will be ‘giving up’ for Lent.

2. International Women’s Day (8th March)

The world will be celebrating all things women in just over a week, so why not make some feminine content.  Are you a clothing retailer who could write a blog on the latest female trends?  Or maybe a fitness instructor looking to empower women with a discount code?  Whatever your brand, try to engage with your female audience on this day by acknowledging and celebrating what they do for you – whether it’s your CEO or your sister.

3. St Patrick’s Day (17th March)

Maybe you can use the luck of the Irish with your content this month!  Late March turns green to welcome St Paddy’s Day and your social feed could too.  Does this occasion speak to your brand? Think of all the components of St Patrick’s Day that could be relevant to your brand, not just the obvious ones: Ireland, Guinness & shamrocks.  Try to be creative – are you a travel business?  Write a blog on Irish tourist attractions.  Are you in the food and drink sector? Post a video creating your favourite Guinness inspired recipe.

4. First Day of Spring (20th March)

Despite the mercury rising ahead of schedule, Spring officially arrives near the end of March, and with it brings a wealth of content creativity.  New born lambs and daffodils usually mean that Spring content is rooted in nature, but that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone.  A great seasonal narrative for this time of year can be ‘new beginnings’.  What changes are your business making?  If you’re becoming more sustainable and eco friendly or launching a new product line, shout about it on social.

5. Mother’s Day (31st March)

Finally, the last day of March is a celebration of the most important lady in your life – your Mum!  Content can be tailored traditionally to celebrate the matriarchal roles in your team, or you could be celebrating ‘the mother of all sales’.  Running competitions to see who of your followers has the “Best Mum” could also be a fun way to engage your community in your brand while staying topical.

I hope you have enjoyed these quick ideas and that it gives you some inspiration to fill your social media calendars with great content!