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Optimise Your Instagram With These Simple Tools

22 May 2019

Three little words, one huge opportunity… “Link in bio.”

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll have likely heard the above phrase.  It’s the holy grail of bloggers and businesses alike, as it’s the only way to get your followers from the app directly to you.

Product releases, think-pieces and news are all great content to share on social media but each of the platforms comes with its own restrictions.  You wouldn’t write a blog post in your Instagram caption, would you?

Social media platforms are a great way to inform, entertain and update your online community but more often than not, you’ll want to get these followers out of the app and onto your website, shop or article.  And on Instagram, there’s only one place to link an outside URL and that’s in the ‘website’ tab of your profile, also known as your ‘bio’.

TIP:  To add a link to your bio, select ‘Edit Profile’ and insert your required link into the ‘Website’ tab. I’d advise using a link shortening site such as Bitly for any links over 40 characters.
Sounds great! What’s the downside?
Well it can only hold one link at any time. So if you post about a link for a new product on Monday and then link to your latest blog post on Wednesday – Monday’s caption is moot. The ‘link in bio’ is no longer relevant.
But I want Monday’s content to be relevant for longer!
Don’t stress. There are a few tools available online that can help with this exact issue. Check them out below:

LINK TREE allows users to create a landing page of hyperlinks for all the external content they want followers to engage with.  For example, Monday’s product release, Tuesday’s press coverage and Wednesday’s blog can all be accessed from one page and so you never have to change the ‘link in bio’.  Just make it your unique Link Tree URL and update every time you’ve got something new to share that exists outside of Instagram.

This is the most simple of the platforms in terms of aesthetic.  If you opt for the free membership, your LinkTree will still have LinkTree’s branding on it, but is still useable.  However, I’d recommend upgrading for $6 (approx. £4.75) a month, so that you can create a personalised page for your brand. Check ours out here:

In contrast to LNK.BIO (below), this is a purely text based landing page.  None of the images from your Instagram will transfer to this, there will just be a list of buttons with your chosen headline on each.  These will then direct your follower to your numerous destinations via one link.

LNK.BIO allows users to create a secondary Instagram grid on their landing page.  You add your image to your own profile on LNK.BIO and attach the URL you want to send your followers to.  That’s it, very simple.

There is no opportunity to upgrade and remove the LNK.BIO branding, but there is an opportunity to upgrade to create your own LNK.BIO URL that would be personalised to your brand.  It’s $9.99 for a lifetime, so I’d recommend doing that to create a more professional looking landing page.

If I’m honest, the difference between these two platforms is that one is image based and the other is text based.  It is completely up to you which one you choose but if you find yourself typing ‘link in bio’ more than once a month, you should definitely look at getting on one of these two sites.  This is essential for keeping historic content accessible to your followers for longer.

Will you be subscribing to one of these two platforms?  Let us know your thoughts!