Banchory Spinal Health

Are one-off promotional videos a thing of the past?

When Banchory Spinal Health got in touch with us, they were looking for just that, a single promotional video to promote their clinic in Aberdeenshire.

Owner, Felicity, had seen some similar videos that she liked and sent them to us for inspiration.  We had a chat about what the clinic was looking to feature in the video and how we could capture their brand effectively.  For us to film every aspect of the customer journey, it was going to require us to be on site for a full day of filming.  That gave us the opportunity to capture hours of footage for a single 2-minute video – which also provided the potential to create even more content.

We interviewed four customers and six members of staff about their experiences with the clinic.  This allowed us to use the best soundbites across all interviews to include in the general overview video, but they also served as fantastic individual clips for social media.

While creating one show-stopping piece of video content is a great way to give a high-level overview of your business, there’s always going to be excess footage which shouldn’t be left on the cutting room floor.

We created the single promotional video along with four short snippets of video content intended for social media.  They each told a story from an individual customer or staff member and turned the one-off video into a cohesive campaign that could further the reach of the clinic’s message.

People love people, and so if you have an opportunity to grab a quick Q&A with customers, staff or collaborators, you can turn those interviews into stand-alone posts as well as snappy soundbites.  Your followers want to know about your brand – how it works and how they can engage with it, and the best way to do that is through word of mouth and real people talking honestly and openly about your brand and why they love it.

Our message to you now is to see the value in every single frame of footage.  Video content can be an investment, so you want to get the most out of the footage that’s been captured.  Re-purpose your video content by re-editing and curating different stories from the same collection of shots – it’s cost-effective and can engage new consumers with your brand.