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No one could have predicted that a global pandemic would hit us in 2020, with businesses forced to close their doors for months.  Not only have there been serious consequences for the economy, there have been dramatic changes in how businesses must operate to keep their staff and customers safe.

As lockdown restrictions began to ease and shops were allowed to re-open, Laings contacted us for help to promote their COVID-19 safety measures.  Having worked with Laings previously, they knew the power in using video on social media and that this would be the ideal way to showcase the health and safety measures they had set up within their Inverurie showroom.

It was our first time out filming in over three months, so equipped with a face mask and hand sanitiser, our one-person camera crew set off to capture the process!

With so much hysteria surrounding the pandemic, we felt it was important to portray a calm and sensible overview of the safety measures Laings had put in place.  We were fortunate to have a couple of lovely actors taking part along with the professional staff in the stunning showroom.

Using videos like these to communicate with clients can also reduce any anxiety that your customers are feeling prior to entering your premises as they know what to expect upon arrival.

Video allows messaging to be clear, concise, demonstrable and minimises face to face interaction.

We were delighted with the finished video and were honoured to be able to assist Laings with this project – and we loved recording the voiceover for this too, as it had been a while since our customers have required this service!