Sarah’s Country, Perriam Media

What if someone at the opposite side of the world could work on your project while you slept?

That’s exactly what we do for Perriam Media in New Zealand

In March 2020, as the world went into lockdown, Sarah Perriam launched a new primetime social media show for the primary industry in New Zealand – farming.

From Lincoln, NZ, “Sarah’s Country” airs at 7 pm NZT, Monday to Thursday, and features interviews and chats with everyone from politicians to local farmers on the matters that matter most to the Kiwi farming community.

However, there are only so many hours in a day and Perriam Media had other projects to produce as well as all the pre-production and production tasks for Sarah’s Country. In order for the show to reach the biggest audience possible, Sarah needed an extra pair of hands to undertake post-production of the show, as well as uploading of on-demand content and publishing of a social media strategy – all to be done between the show ending in the evening and Kiwis waking up at 7 am the following morning. That’s where Xana Creative comes in.

Each day after the show wraps in New Zealand at 8 pm, it’s 9 am here in Scotland and we jump on a Zoom call with Sarah’s team. We discuss that day’s show and any notes either of us have regarding the following day’s social media and on-demand content. The Perriam Media team then head home to bed and we work on the show edit. Throughout the day, we ensure all the guests are contacted with a link to their segment on the show as well as creating clips from that day’s show for publishing on social media.

This setup allows us to work with clients on a global scale and by working in different time zones, we’ve been able to ensure that Perriam Media operates as a 24-hour production company without anyone having to sacrifice sleep by doing the dreaded night shift.

And during a time when we couldn’t leave our homes, we managed to reach over to the other side of the globe and if you can do that in lockdown, the world really is your oyster.