Rona Main Yoga

The Brief

Taking Rona Main Yoga’s classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Our Approach

We’ve worked with Rona Main Yoga since Xana Creative started in 2018. Rona is a yoga teacher based in Aberdeenshire and was looking to get some help with her social media platforms.

Once we began working together, it became clear that Rona’s calm and expert voice would convert seamlessly to video and so, we encouraged Rona to dip her toe into the world of video content.

Despite being a confident and experienced yoga teacher, speaking to a camera was incredibly daunting for Rona – as it is for many people. We worked closely with Rona to ensure she was as comfortable as possible throughout filming which included creating a mock class environment with some of her students. Since then, Rona has grown in confidence immensely and we are now able to have one-to-one filming sessions which allows for maximum flexibility and convenience. The videos were then uploaded to YouTube which allowed us to embed them on to Rona’s website.

Subsequently, we decided to use YouTube as an additional platform for Rona to showcase her teaching style and reach new audiences across the world. This allowed Rona to create a library of videos that would facilitate her social media strategy as well as diversify her content output.

In March 2020, we were very grateful for the existence of this library as the UK was put into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With all her classes postponed indefinitely, we were forced to get creative with how Rona could deliver her service virtually.

With so many options available, we had to consider whether live or pre-recorded classes would be the best option and which platform would be the most suitable. Rona’s students elected, almost unanimously, for a live option, as that would provide a sense of familiarity, spirit and community to their yoga practice. In addition, the platform had to be convenient and comfortable for Rona to operate. Zoom had the potential to create a noisy and chaotic environment, and Facebook Live would need a significant amount of administration. We therefore decided to stream live on Rona’s YouTube channel and use a private link for each class.

Once the platform was decided, we then had to determine how we would facilitate the live classes. Rona’s best access to a camera was on her tablet, however she was unable to stream directly to her channel due to YouTube disabling “mobile device streaming” from a channel of Rona’s size. With a requirement for more subscribers, we had to think outside the box. We’re very proud to say that Xana Creative found a solution and were able to help Rona successfully stream over 24 hours’ worth of classes (and counting!) throughout April to June.

As well as these classes, we took the opportunity to ramp up Rona’s video output during this time as her subscription numbers grew. Despite YouTube being very much at the back of our minds pre-lockdown, it is now a platform we are actively trying to grow. It’s been amazing watching the success of Rona’s channel increase over the last few months and while we are still a long way from being able to monetise the platform – and I would never encourage businesses to start a YouTube channel with this as the soul aim – it is still a wonderful way for Rona  to grow her business in a new way and create ‘on-demand’ classes for students on a global scale.

Xana Creative allows me to focus on the very essence of what I give people without technological distractions. They have taken what I normally do in a physical space into the online world creatively, with fun and within boundaries that I'm comfortable with. Xana Creative listen, capture and produce lots on my behalf and I love working with them.
Rona Main
Yoga Teacher