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Reposting on Instagram

19 Oct 2018

Quite a few of my clients have spoken to me recently about reposting other users’ content on Instagram and the best way to do so.  Almost all other social networks have an in-built sharing tool, but not Instagram.  When scrolling your feed, there may be posts that you’d like to share with your online community.  These could be posts that you’ve been mentioned in, that inspire you or could inform your following.  Keeping content fresh and frequent can be time consuming, so it’s fine to share photos or videos that you admire or could be beneficial to showcase on your profile.

We’ve got five tips to help you repost and share on Instagram the right way…

1. Screenshot and Share

The most simple way to repost on Instagram is to screenshot your desired post and then continue to post it in the usual way.  Once you are at the edit stage, feel free to crop out the Instagram frame and add any filters you wish.  However, make sure to mention where you got the photo from!  More on that in point 5.

2. Repost for Instagram

The most efficient way to repost without faffing around with screenshotting is to use an external app.  One of the apps you can use, is “Repost” and I’d recommend using this as it’s easy to navigate and can share your regram quickly.  To use “Repost”, first scroll to the post you wish to share and select the “•••” button in the top right hand corner of the photo’s frame.  A menu will then appear from the bottom of your screen – select “Copy link”.  Then head to the “Repost” app, where you can paste the link into the app and it will automatically generate the post with the addition of a credit to the original owner of the post.  The final step is clicking ‘repost’ and all you have to do is select the destination as the Instagram app.  It should then open your Instagram account and offer you the option of posting to your story or feed, once you do this you can continue in the same way that you would usually share a post or a story.

3. Stories

Arguably the easiest way to share another’s content is through the stories feature on Instagram.  When you are mentioned on someone’s story, you are automatically sent a direct message to inform you and Instagram allows you to share it on your own story immediately.  It will showcase your audience’s engagement with you, whether it’s reviews, events or just general updates about your brand, in a quick and easy way.

4. Adobe Spark Post

This is another out-of-Insta app that uses aspects from tips  1 & 3 above.  Adobe Spark Post is used by many bloggers and influencers to create chic content, usually for, but not limited to, stories.  The app is specifically for creating social media graphic design content while being relatively easy to navigate. Depending on your design ability, you can either use one of their templates or make a post from scratch.  By using this app you can add several screenshots of posts that you wish to share to one template, while ensuring it complies with your brand guidelines – keeping fonts and colour themes to be aligned with other content you produce.

5. Consent

The most important thing to remember when sharing another user’s content is that you have written consent from them.  Even if the post has tagged your profile or you are mentioned within the caption, that does not give an automatic green light for you to share the content.  As with any other form of content, copyright still applies and it is important to give credit for any photo or video content that you share that is not your own!