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The benefits of batch filming

23 Jun 2021

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – social media platforms LOVE video content!

But what happens when you have a lot of information to get across and you don’t want your audience to switch off after the first few minutes? The answer is to break the content down into individual topics and bitesize pieces, and batch film the content in one go!

Batch filming is one of the most efficient ways to create video content that is aligned to your brand. It saves production time and maintains consistency across your online platforms.

We did this recently for Dave Jamieson of Salus Technical for the launch of their Bowtie Master software application.

Dave knew exactly what he wanted to say in the videos, so planning the content was very straightforward. We helped Dave find a suitable office location to provide a more professional backdrop rather than his home office setup and we set the date…

Lights, camera, action! Dave is a natural in front of the camera and the filming session was completed in record time. From a 2-hour filming session, we were able to create a series of 10 videos. Each video covered a different topic and was less than a minute in length, to keep the audience engaged. We even threw in some ad hoc questions at the end of the session which added even more valuable content to the project output.

During post-production, we maintained consistency with the style of the videos and created a cohesive (and stress-free) series for publishing on Salus Technical’s social media channels.

In Dave’s own words: “I don’t normally pay too much attention to social media engagement when I first post something BUT … after only one hour, the first video I have posted is already Salus’ most liked post of all time and today is the most new followers added in a single day. One hour!