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What Goes Where? Posting The Right Content

19 Jul 2019

You’ve picked what platforms work best for you – great! Now you’ve got to work out how you can work best for them…

Each social media site is different, and yet, at their core, they are the same.  They exist to connect us to each other, but they aim to connect us in different ways.  Facebook is for sharing memories and moments with friends and families – being a part of a community.  Twitter is for sharing your thoughts and opinions with the online world – being a voice.  Instagram is about sharing imagery, showcasing your life and your moments with the world – being visual, and LinkedIn is about sharing professional intel; career advice and industry knowledge – being a professional.  You can post the same content across all three, but you should consider tailoring your content and strategy to each platform.

First of all, you should consider the actual content that you’re posting. I’d always recommend including visuals with a post on every platform, but they all require different sized imagery – and these requirements change every now and again, so it’s important to stay on the ball with what platform uses what size of image or video, and ensure that your content adheres to them.

The next thing to consider is the time that you post.  There is no perfect time to post, but there are optimal times for your business to be active.  Think of when your audience is likely to be online.  On LinkedIn, weekdays are your best bet – early in the morning, or at lunchtime, as these are most likely the times when professionals are using LinkedIn.
Facebook is best in the evenings and later in the week.  But if your target audience is stay at home mums, mid-morning might be best as that is when they could be sitting down with a cuppa and browsing their social media feeds.  You have to put yourself in the mindset of your followers and work out when they’re likely to be checking their social media.  They could be checking LinkedIn at 8:45am just before they start work, but looking at Instagram at 9pm before bed, therefore it might be best to choose different timings for different platforms.

The final thing to consider is the tone that you use on each platform.  Your brand is likely to have it’s own voice that won’t change too much across each platform, but it is possible that you will be more formal on LinkedIn and more relaxed on Facebook and Instagram.  LinkedIn was made for the workplace and the others for socialising with friends, so the function of each platform should inform the way you articulate your brand there too.

Overall, it’s important to bear in mind who is looking at your content and on what platform.  Allow your content to be adaptable for each.  You can post the same message, but amend it to speak differently or appear differently across your business’s social media accounts.