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When You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Be Clicking “SHARE”

12 Jul 2019

We’re always looking for the next viral hit – getting people talking about your content and your business is the ultimate goal.

One way to get your reach up is to create something your followers want to share!  But here’s the thing – when is the right time for you to share someone else’s content as an individual and as a business?  Today I’m going to talk about the two platforms that give you an explicit share option – Facebook and LinkedIn, and how to use the share button most effectively…

Ok, so you’re running your own Facebook or LinkedIn Business Page, you’re killing it with customers and they are all tagging you in their content – or perhaps you’re collaborating like crazy and loads of other businesses are posting about you.  Either way, that is great news for you and your business – their audience is getting linked straight to your profile!  You probably want to share it all but do you want to ‘SHARE’ it?  As a business, the best and most wide reaching content is organic posts that you, yourself, have created.  The goal is for others to share your content.

Social media platforms like it when you (as a business) create something unique, so if you are directly sharing other people’s posts, it’s the equivalent to plagiarising someone else’s essay and handing it in to your teacher.  It’s lazy and unimaginative – all things that Facebook and LinkedIn don’t like.  They love businesses who are creating great new content for their followers to engage with, not recycled posts.

You’re probably thinking “but I want people to see what’s been said about the business?  I want to share this content.”  And to that I say, you absolutely can and should!  But consider a different approach…

Get in touch with the original post owner and ask if you can post about their content – maybe it’s a photo of someone using your product or a client visiting your office.  If they agree, write your own post about it and tag the original owner.  This is then brand new content in the eyes of Facebook and LinkedIn but still recognises that another user has created it, all the while letting you share your business to your adoring fans.

There are very few absolute rules when it comes to social media, so if you have to share someone else’s content, you can – it might not reach the same number of people but it is better than ignoring the content entirely.  The only thing I recommend about this, is that you MUST include some text of your own.  This allows your audience some context of why you have shared this with them.  Never leave a ‘share’ blank.

If you are using social media as a person and want to share someone else’s post to your Facebook friends, do it – the share button was literally made for you!  You’re highlighting great content and showing it to your friends, which is engagement – one of the big social media buzzwords.  Real people sharing great content is better than businesses self-promoting content that they’re mentioned in.

People like hearing from people, and so I would always recommend sharing your business page’s posts as yourself on LinkedIn with a sentence or two of your own.  If a real person shares content, it’s likely to harvest the most engagement as other users prefer to interact with other real people than faceless businesses.

Hopefully this advice is helpful, however, please remember if ‘sharing’ didn’t work – the button wouldn’t exist.  These are guidelines are purely to encourage good practice of the ‘share’ button.

Let me know how you get on!

PS:  There are very few strict rules for the way you use social media.  There will always be exceptions to advice given as these platforms are organisms that live and change too frequently for these guidelines to work forever.  When you read advice online, check how recently it was posted and if it is more than a year old, do further research.